Advanced Carbo-Banana-1Kg

Advanced Carbo-Banana-1Kg

ANABOLIC LEAN-ButterScotch-1Kg

ANABOLIC LEAN-ButterScotch-1Kg


  • Benefits :- Lean Muscle Gainer
  • Ingredients :- Whey Protein and good carbohydrate
  • Product Form - Powder
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TSN 19-Chocolate-1Kg

Ten-Abz Anabolic Lean is an excellent formula of high quality protein with good complex carbohydrate, powered with essential amino acid, natural anabolic herbs blend , vitamins and minerals. It supports Lean muscle.

Anabolic Lean is available in 3 different flavors:-




What Unique about Ten-Abz Anabolic Lean

As a full day consumption, Anabolic Lean provides:-

45g of Protein which helps in building muscles.

BCAA & EAA which helps in protein synthesis.

90g Carbohydrate to build quality muscle mass and provide energy.

It is best for muscle recovery, growth and high performance. It helps in increasing muscle power & strength.

What Anabolic Lean is best in

Source of Energy - Anabolic Lean is a great source of energy as it is high in carbohydrates & helps in extensive workout without getting tired or losing steam.

Quality Muscle Growth - Anabolic Lean supports quality muscle growth. It is optimized for maximum muscle growth. The amino acids are the best building blocks of protein synthesis and muscle growth.

Ingredients Used

Sucrose, Malto Dextin, Protein Blend (80%) , Glutamic acid, xanthum gum , Digestive enzymes, High oleic oil with antioxidants, Dietry fibres, Class II Preservatives & ACA.

How To Use

Add 1 scoop (50gm) of Anabolic Lean to 200ml of water or milk and mix it well. It can be taken before or after workout session.

An adult should take 1 scoop (50gm) of Anabolic Lean 3 times daily or as directed by healthcare expert.


Not intended for children under 18 or women who are pregnant.

Do not exceed recommended serving quantity.

Before intake, consult your Dietician or nutritionist first.

Do not use as sole food source.

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