EXTREME MASS Banana Strawberry 1Kg

EXTREME MASS Banana Strawberry 1Kg

EXTREME MASS Chocolate 1Kg

EXTREME MASS Chocolate 1Kg

Advanced Carbo-Strawberry-1Kg

Advanced Carbo-Strawberry-1Kg

EXTREME MASS Banana Strawberry 1Kg

  • Benefits :- Mass Gainer
  • Ingredients :- Whey Protein and good carbohydrate.
  • Product Form :- Powder
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TSN 17-Banana Strawberry-1Kg

Extreme Mass is the powerful combination of high quality Ingredients for mass gain using best protein blend with balanced carbohydrate, Creatine monohydrate & Rich in Multivitamin, Multi-Minerals and essential amino acids. It also offers higher absorption as it contains the digestive blend for absorption. Extreme Mass is best combination for athletes, Power lifters, Bodybuilders and for those who wants to gain quality muscle mass. Extreme mass is Gluten free all in one protein formula which provides maximum strength and it is a trustable brand available in the market.

It is available in different flavors.

What Unique about Ten-Abz Anabolic Lean

As a full day consumption, Extreme Mass provides:-

24g Protein which helps in muscle building.

102g Carbohydrates which helps to gain quality muscle mass.

3g Creatine monohydrate helps in enhance strength and improve exercise performance.

It is best for quality muscle mass gain and higher absorption.

What Anabolic Lean is best in

Boost Energy - Extreme mass a good source of energy. Not just the helping to gain quality muscle mass, it is a energy booster for intense training sessions.

Quality Muscle Mass Gainer - Extreme Mass supports quality muscle mass gain. It is optimized for maximum output. It has optimal ratio of protein to support the fast and max weight gain.

Ingredients Used

Sucrose, Malto Dextrin, Protein Blend (65%) (Whey Protein Concentrate, Whole Milk Powder, Skimmed Milk Powder, Malt Extract, Cocoa Powder, Creatine), High Oleic Oil with Antioxidants(Rich in Omega - 6 & 9 Fatty Acids),

Dietary Fiber & L-Lysine.

How To Use

Take 1 Scoop (50g) of Extreme Mass to 200ml of water or milk and mix proper. It can be taken before or after your workout.

Take 1Scoop (50g) of Extreme Mass three times daily for an adult person or as per Healthcare expert.


Not intended for children under 18 or women who are pregnant.

Do not exceed recommended serving quantity.

Before intake, consult your Dietician or nutritionist first.

Do not use as sole food source.

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